how SEO works

SEO and business are inseparable. No digital marketing experts dare to exclude SEO from the central marketing strategies. And unfortunately, SEO is a sophisticated subject to learn by oneself. It also does not fit to be added to the tasks of the in-house marketing department. What we shall do instead, is to entrust the functions of SEO to the agencies.

Regardless, there are many agencies with only a few are qualified. We have to know which one can offer us the best service. Otherwise, we will waste our company’s resources for nothing.

Choosing the Experienced Service

illustration of experienced SEO agentExperienced SEO agencies always keep their strategies updated with the most current SEO trends. They have also dealt with companies from various backgrounds. But for this trait, it can be either a drawback or advantage.

SEO for general backgrounds may lack expertise in a specialized field. For instance, SEO for law firms need the agency to create link building that connects the subject site to other relevant ones.

And to achieve organic link building, the agency must know how to create contents that are authentic to the field. In such a case, SEO agency with general expertise may not fit with the goal.

However, other businesses are the opposite of the example. They need to build links to sites with general topics as many as possible. And there is where general SEO fits perfectly.

Experienced SEO agency will tell you where their strength and weakness are. Do not buy the one that offers a panacea, a method that claims to achieve the highest without any downsides. There has to be one, and you deserve to know it.

Evaluating the Portfolio

illustration of SEOMost SEO agencies allow their potential clients to assess their portfolios. Sometimes they are available on the agency’s website, while in other cases, you might need to inquire the portfolios through email. Either way, you should evaluate the existing works of your agency before you sign any contracts with them.

If you are doubtful about the data from the agency, you can even hire a third party to check the credibility and reputation of the SEO agency you are going to hire. The point is, you must be critical with promises and claims that the agency is telling you, especially if you want to have a long-term contract with them.


Beneficial Packages

presenting SEO packages illustrationSome SEO agencies sell their services in packages. They might help your site to reach the front pages and give you a guarantee for their method. If it does not work, they are going to fix it until you get what they have promised. In other cases, the agencies are even willing to postpone the payment until you see the result for yourself.

But everything comes with a price. Agencies that offer long-term SEO maintenance will cost you more than the others who sell short-term services.

In brief, you must consider agencies who offer promotion, guarantee, or other beneficial service packages.